Need a bit of Advice/Ideas

  1. Need a bit of Advice/Ideas

    My mice have not done anything in about 10 mos and their getting the itch for a little something. Last thing I used on them was Supeordrol w/ nice results and only sides were bad Lipids. They have their yearly physical coming up in 2 weeks and will use this as my baseline bloodwork on them. If someone had access to 100grams of 4-AD, 50grams of 1-Test, 4oz T-Gel and 2 Bottles of Superdrol how would they go about using this to get their mice going on a little something for a lean bulk cycle? They have never done any dermals before and would probably like to do the dermal route w/ a jump start of some superdrol. If that is they way to go??
    Can anyone offer a bit of direction on what they would do with this?
    The will do all spport supps along the way NAC, EFA's, Liver support and post cylce w/ Novla .

    Thanks for any help w/ my 39 yr old mice!

  2. 1-test + superdrol would be potent but you have to look at it from a lethargy standpoint. 1-test made me tired as all hell and superdrol, at 20mg, doesn't make me extremely tired but definintely more tired than normal. I would keep that 4-ad dosage much higher with a moderate dosage of 1-test and a lower dosage of superdrol or you can keep the 1-test dosage slightly lower and raise the SD to 20mg.

    As for your support supplements why not check out Cycle Support from Anabolic Innovations, has everything you need for prostate/lipids/heart/liver all in one supp, check out my signature for details.

  3. Thanks Lake, I need to look into what dermal 1test/4ad ratio's to go with so I can keep the dosage moderate as suggested. Would like to conserve the SD for a future standalone cycle anyways. Will definitely look into the Cycle Support from Anabolic Innovations, sounds like a nice complete supplement.

  4. 100-400mg 1T ed/ 400-600mg 4AD ed Weeks 1-6 or 1-8.
    superdrol weeks 1-3 10-20mg ed.

    I am just starting 20mg ed SD and have been running 200mg ed 1T. Check in on my log and see if the lethargy makes me want to die in a week or so.
    Recent log:

  5. I did a cylcle of 1-T and superdrol a year ago. 4wks, lethargy was hell. I gained like 8lbs and leaned up a lot on a bulker. best cycle I've done other than real gear.



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