Max LMG & Methoxy TST ?

  1. Max LMG & Methoxy TST ?

    Has anyone stacked these two or seen any cycle logs of these two together?

    FYI, I haven't tried any of the compounds mentioned in this post. These are just ideas based on the logs & experiences of others.

    Max LMG sort of got left in the dust when it came out at the same time as Emax & Pheraplex, but based on the logs, seems the only downside to it is a big loss of libido. Granted, the gains might not be quite as strong as these other orals, but it's also not methylated.

    TST, with its test or test-like effects, seems like a great hormone to stack with Max LMG. It's also not methylated.

    Who knows, maybe this is just a "worse" version of the TRN/TST stack. Seems to me though that an LMG/TST stack would still have plenty of strength, and probably be healthier than all of the other new designer cycles that everyone is running. Possibly the current best "legal" cycle for a first timer.

    Just some food for thought.

  2. sounds like a good idea to me.

    X-Mass/Max LMG seems pretty underrated from me. I have read several logs where people gained upwards of 12 pounds in one month. Given, there is some water retention but thats good given its relative low toxicity. I would be very interested to see a log of this stack.

  3. max lmg was discontinued by alri. kilo sports makes it now under the name revolt. my bro used it solo for 30 days and gained 10 solid pounds after pct.

  4. Thanks Blane, I had no idea about the Kilo Sports stuff.

    As Matt mentioned, Generic Labz made an LMG clone called X-Mass that has been discontinued, but some stores still have it in stock. It's a better deal while it lasts because it's got 40mg/cap, compared to the 25mg/cap in Revolt.
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