Care to critique my second cycle (cutter)

  1. Care to critique my second cycle (cutter)

    Test prop 100mg EOD for 10 weeks
    Superdrol @ 30-40mg/day for 6 weeks

    Maybe some clenbuterol to speed fatloss, but probly just Lipo6/Ephedrine and cAMP

    Goal: gain around 10-12lbs of muscle and lose some fat

    I have 40ml of Test prop... at that dose i should be good for 10 weeks, right?

    what times of the day should i pin the test prop so that blood levels stay elevated?

    I know everyone says pin TP everyday but no way boys, i'm no pin cushion lol!

    thanks for the help n lemme know what ya's think of the cycle for a cut

  2. post cycle therapy will be:

    clomd 150, 100, 50
    Nolva 40, 40, 20, 20 (plus 10-20mg ED on cycle to keep gyno away) got gyno bad on my Test E cycle last yr.
    Rebound reloaded
    milk thistle
    celery seed extract (on cycle too)
    hawthorne berry (on cycle too)
    saw palmetto (maybe on cycle too)

    might throw in A-dex to keep bloat down too on cycle but hopefully my diet will be good enough

  3. dosage of sdrol way way high 30 is high 40 is outrageous. Six weeks is pretty long in my opinon prop looks good eod will be no prob the only test you really need to pin everday is suspension. I would just stick with the same time of day for each one morning or night as long as you stay consistent. When on cycle I like T3 over clen

  4. well the reason for the high dosed SD is bc i did a SD/4ad cycle last yr during xmas time and i got decent size gains (gained like 18lbs) but no real good strength gains... I automatically kinda figured that the majority of the size came from the 4ad because of its ability to put water weight on guys.

    I could also go with a lighter designer AAS like M-TRN...

    I am caught up in the decision to take the M-TRN for 8 weeks (being non methylated i could get away with that)

    Or the SD at a fairly high dose for 6 weeks...

    I read that SD might not be the best for cutting bc people get hypoglycemic when low carbing on it.... I don't low carb so that shouldn't be a problem but i'd rather be safe than sorry.

    Thanks for the opinions, keep em comin boys!

  5. Go with the Mega-TRN, preferably Tren Acetate if you can get it, and drop the Superdrol.

  6. also the m-trn imo is a lighter designer I have had worst sides when i upped the dose of m-trn than I ever got on s-drol. m-trn however is lighter on the liver and at a lower dose would probablly be better overall 6mgs ed is where sides kick in for alot of people. Also watch for prolactin issues as it is a side not generallyh associated with the other popular designers.

  7. Very good.... Good info on the prolactin, i'll def keep my eye open as i seem to get gyno fairly easy... Got gyno in the first week of my Test E cycle last yr...

    If someone disagree's lemme know and i'll get some T ace as well

    As of now it looks like this
    Prop 1-10 weeks 100mg/eod
    m-trn 1-6 weeks 6mg/ed

  8. Quote Originally Posted by freakboy
    Test prop 100mg EOD for 10 weeks
    Superdrol @ 30-40mg/day for 6 weeks
    30-40mg/day SUPERDROL for 6 weeks?!! That's INSANE in my opinion. I think you'll be hurtin' bad from that. I strongly suggest you tone that down. I did superdrol (scaled up to 30mg at wk 3) for 3 weeks and I had mad sides. Besides, most of my gains were in 1st 2 weeks. Also, if you're prone to gyno, I think superdrol would really bring it on. If it's possible, I'd do either a short cycle of SD or completely replace it w/something else. Glad you have experience with it though. Unfortunately, it was w/another PS so you don't know REALLY what effect if had on your body.

    Good luck w/your cycle though. Drink crazy water, especially with that SD.

    EDIT: Regarding cutting, not sure if SD is the best bet as I gained so much bloat, I looked pretty puffy. I gained ~20lbs in pretty much 2 weeks. I was all muscle. LOL, riiiight. I drank up to 3 gallons of H20/day. My clothes didn't fit anymore. That may imply it's not a good "cutter", but then again, I was BULKING!

  9. why test prop? u should give sust a try...i get my best results with sust over enanthate and propionate (plus sust has 30mg prop in it usually)...prop wont really have any less bloat than sust...and u can prevent all that with a light dose of letro if ur reason for using prop is anti-bloat

    You could do superdrol and mega-trn but that might be overkill for ur second cycle...u cant go wrong either way...personally, superdrol is the best strength steroid ive ever taken

    milk thistle on cycle too


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