Woot time for round 2

  1. Woot time for round 2

    Just ordered my second bottle of T1 Pro..

    6 weeks of T1 Pro followed by 3 weeks of T1 with 6 oxo and Clomid

    Think Ill use small amounts of liquidex this time.

    Im happier than Richard Simmons in jail

  2. Why T1 pro and then T1, are you cutting, and then bulking at the end? It seems you would want it the other way around, bulk, and then cut.

  3. well...

    My last experience with it showed me that I didnt get bulky at all... on either one.. The 1T pro filled me out but I actually got leaner... then finished off with 1T to increase my sex drive until I went on 6 oxo..

    Worked like a charm.

  4. Milo, 9 weeks is too long. Ask Jake, wound up with prostate problems. Besides, it is shown that the effects of the ph wane after 4 weeks.

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