Homebrew Problems :(

  1. Homebrew Problems :(

    So I finally have everything I need to start brewing, but I have NO idea what I'm doing. I tried to make this first, and decided to toss it when I saw a hair in it as I figured that couldn't be good.

    Here's the directions I'm following:
    Test Prop
    -10 grams Testosterone Propionate
    -2.0ml benzyl alcohol (2% BA)
    -20.0ml benzyl benzoate (20% BB)
    -70.0ml oil

    1) Weigh out 10 grams of hormone into mixing vial or beaker.
    2) Add benzyl alcohol and 65.0 ml of oil. (This will leave 5 ml oil for later.)
    3) Place on stovetop (electric stove) or frying pan (gas stove) on medium high heat.
    4) Swirl and heat until soultion is completely homogeneous and clear. NO hormone "swirls" , crystals, or visible separation should be left.
    5) Place 20g needle in sterile vial and attach syringe filter.
    6) Place another needle through stopper to releave pressure
    7) Draw out hormone solution with 5 or 10cc syringe and run it through the syringe filter until all solution is filtered.
    8) Run the addition 5cc of saved oil from step 2 through syringe filter to purge.
    This conversion results in 100ml - 100mg/ml sterile solution for injection.
    So on my first attempt these are the problems I came up with:

    1. Do I have to keep using my 5cc syringes to measure out the oil, bb, and ba? I mean, it's taking FOREVER for this stuff to draw, I figured I'm doing something wrong...btw, I'm using a 22 g needle.

    2. Not sure how to use a filter...

    3. All that only adds up to 92ml...the powder doesn't take up 8ml of room, does it?

    4. I find steps 5 and 6 very confusing.

    Any and all help would be appreciated...

  2. Anyone?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Mr X
    hold on, I can help you here first off DON"T TOSS THE STUFF. hair is not a problem, refitler. a good picture of the fitlering process is here
    www DOT elitefitness DOT com/members/basskiller/crystal_fina.html

    about 2/3 the way down.

    Also goto ChemicalFitness - Powered By vBindex and PM me there for some info, with the new board rules I am not sure about posting it here.

  4. Anyone else?

  5. Yea bud, look... skye is correct. Dont toss it. The hair doesnt mean you cant sterilize it with a good filtration.

    However, I am concerned that you are not understanding some of the basic principles of homebrewing... and a dangerous final product might result from not being able to do the simple steps.

    To answer your questions:

    1. obviously not. buy 10, 20, 50, or 100ml syringes. Alternately, graduated cylinders may be used.

    2. There are many step by step guides on how to use a syringe filter. Simply screw the syringe onto the filter the way you would a needle. Place the needle on the end of the filter. Be careful to keep everything sterile while doing this. When pressing the oil through the filter and into the vial, make sure you have the vial "vented" with another needle to allow the pressure to escape.

    3. Yes, the powder does displace 8ml in this recipee. You will end up with 100ml if you do your experiment correctly.

    4. see my answer to 2.

  6. Alright, thanks Gimp and Skype. I retried today and made some test prop, it was quite tedious with the small syringe, but oh well. The final product turned out rather good, and so far is quite painless (I guess we'll see how painless tomorrow).


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