4-ad vs. Synovex sides

  1. 4-ad vs. Synovex sides

    I have been doing a lot of research for my next cycle, and have been considering something similar to a test only cycle with a heavy dose of 4-ad, about 600 mg applied a day with T-4, for about 1680 mg absorbed a week. However, I am now starting to think it might be a better idea to make test base from synovex, and still using transdermal, get around 500 mg absorbed a week ( I don't really want to pin every day with test prop). I am thinking with such high doses of 4-ad there would be a lot of unconverted hormones causing who knows what kind of sides. On the other hand, there could still be some estrodiol in the test base, also causing sides (gyno). What does everyone think would be a more effective cycle, with less sides, for about 6 weeks. Anyone who has used both would be especially appreciated. Thanks.

  2. It is said that with ph's there are less results and more sides. IMO, use the syno.(in the future, if what crazypete wrote is true, 4ad for everybody )

  3. Yeah, I saw his post right after I wrote this one, and it is a very interesting idea. I hope someone finds a source for active MnO2, which would make it so easy. I might have to stock up on 4-ad.

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