What roids cause unwanted hair growth?

  1. What roids cause unwanted hair growth?

    I just wanted to know which roids make you hairy? In saying that are they the same roids that make your head go bold?

  2. Bold head, eh ?? Hairy from gear............... WTF??



  3. Tren makes me look like an ape at times...lol...I notice that I have to shave more often when on tren and/or a lot of test. Just to noticeable to deny. I get a hairy back specially on tren. It seems to normalize about 3 weeks after I come off.

  4. I agree w/Gilster about the tren. I had the same experiance.

  5. Any highly androgenic steroid can cause hair growth. You are correct that the ones that effect the hair line will likely be the worst.

  6. Agreed, tren gave me hair in places I never knew I could get hair, like the undersides of my forearms..WTF is up with that?

  7. Wardog, please check your PM's

  8. Good thing I read this, I'm not hairy at all...

  9. does the unwanted hair go away or persist forever?


  10. Your hair doesnt grow as fast when you come off...


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