target hormones conversion rate from prohormones

  1. target hormones conversion rate from prohormones

    If I were to take 500 mg of 19Nordiol orally, taking into account that orally only about 5% survives the liver, then just 25 mg of 19NOrdiol would reach the blood, then only a 15% of nordiol is converted to nandrolone... so would we just get 3,75 mg of useful nandrolone from 500 mg of nordiol?
    Isn't that a ridiculous amount?
    With 19nor it would be even worse then, wouldn't it? Only a third of 3,75 mg!!!!
    Am I right or am I missing something?
    Please tell me!

  2. No one really knows. Just learn from others what works. Patrick Arnold even says he doesn’t really know conversion numbers and how much survives the liver. I think some PH such as 4-AD are anabolic before they convert. This also why transdermals are so effective they skip the first pass through the liver.

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