Advice wanted

  1. Advice wanted

    Hi, new to AAS, this will be my first cycle. I have however been studying quite a bit for the last couple of months and have some chemistry behind me. I know all the prerequisites and common injunctions as well. My problem is that I have several medical issues that I am not sure of.

    First is that I am taking Actos (pioglitazone HCL) 15mg ed. Actos is a drug that is prescribed to people that are insulin resistant.

    Second is that I have had several bad injuries before. I had one motorcycle wreck as a kid, broken clavicle/tore shoulder, ran over in 93, tore ligaments in ankle and knee as well as dislocating hip (my leg was at a 60 degree to the rest of my body, this sucked big time) extra. About a year ago (last summer) I had back surgery for two ruptured disk. Needless to say my orthopedic surgeon frecken rocks!! I have been weight lifting for some months now (I had to start with pushups, on my knees in sets of five, I am know bench pressing my own body weight)

    Anyways I am 30 years old and should have a lean body mass of 260 (doctor set weight goal at 275, 260 is my guess, I think he gave me some leeway) very large framed. I am looking to do a bulking cycle then a cutting cycle, or a 4 on 2 off cycle for 18 weeks (like Wardogs (I think it was Wardog’s, or Doggcrapp’s can’t remember) starting with d-bol for the bulk and winny for the cut. I have however been warned about winny with my back.

    Several people have given me a lot of different advice. One was that I run a some deca with a some d-bol or test. A good Mod told me that I might be able to run the cycle I wanted (75mg d-bol, 75md fina, 150 test prop ed for 4 on 2 off) if I replaced some of the fina with deca (I would actually be using nandrolone phenylprop) say 25/50 to help with the joints.

    Another person told me to try a d-bol/letrozole cycle only first (I know, I know) to see how it affects me. This is very attractive for a couple of reasons: one it’s damn cheap to do it, two it’s easy to abort, three if I am going to have a problem with AAS it will be easy to abort and for less than 100 dollars (powders, not counting anti e) don’t mind throwing it away.

    I have acess to the following :
    Test: decanoate, cypionate, undecanoate, enanthate, and propianate.
    Also: nandrolone phenylprop, boldenone undecanoate (expensive), dbol, fina, and

    Everything else I would have to get as a liquid, which I would rather not get (have lab experience, conversions are not a problem). The only thing I might not have as a powder is letrozole, that is still easy to get (just cost more).

    Any advice would be aprec. Skye

  2. What's your current weight and bf%? How tall are you.

    I usually tell people not to rush into using AAS. If you have been lifting for only a few months then I usually tell the bro to wait a while longer. But, the fact that you are 30(I am 40), might make a difference as your body chemistry is declining big time now. Everybody is different, but you need to give a few more specific stats so the bros can make a better determination. Generally, when lifting for less than 2-3 years it is not a good idea to use AAS yet. Just my $.02.

    Dbol/letrozole is a crappy non cycle. Don't bother with it. It is cheap, yes, but also inefective and you will lose most of your gains post cycle. It will mostly be estrogenic bloat. As soon as you come off you wiil lose it.

    I have a bad back myself. Nothing as bad as yours tho. I have 3 herniated disks from 20 years ago lifting. I would stay away from the winny personaly, although I have used it, love it and suffer no back pains while on it. Dbol will also give you lower back pain. I stay away from dbol as much as I can because of this. It is well kown that most bros get lower back pains from dbol.

    Don't use tren and deca at the same time. They can each individually cause progestenic gyno that no anti-e can help you with. Taking them both at the same time is pushing it, and I would rather be safe. I always tell people to use EQ instead of deca if they want to use tren.

    Tren is not the best AAS to use for a first cycle because of several issues. For a first cycle injecting EOD or ED is not the thing to do. You need to get used to injecting once or twice a week first before going to more regular shots. Another reason to not use tren is that some shots will give you what is called a tren cough, and this can be quite frightening to a rookie. Hell, it STILL scares the **** out of me. Yet another reason is that it makes you MAD aggressive, and you might push yourself to hard and hurt yourself lifting. I have to hold back when on tren or you start adding 45 lb plates like it is a joke, and then the next day or week your tendons and joints hurt.

    Prop is not a good choice for a first cycle either because of frequent EOD or ED injects and the fact that prop is a painfull shot the day after, and it takes a little time to get used to it.

    If you still insist on doing a cycle I would go like this.

    Week 1-10 Deca 400mgs/w

    Week 1-10 Enanthate 500mgs/w

    I don't want to tell ou to use dbol the first 5 weeks because of your back but this is what is usually added like this

    Week 1-5 Dbol 30mgs/d

    You could also jump start the cycle with prop instead of dbol the first 4 weeks like this

    Week 1-5 Prop 100mgs/EOD

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