Does Test prop need a AI?

  1. Does Test prop need a AI?

    I was wondering because I know you get little to no bloat while on it. Im thinking of doing test prop for my first cycle and I don't care about the ED or EOD shots. Im trying to get as much info as I can before I start my cycle.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon
    no you dont need an ai unless you are prone to gyno. im planning on doing prop/tren cycle soon. im wondering if i should take letro or nolva on cycle. im making the prop out of synovex. i kind of share the same question.
    I use an AI while on prop .. Test bloats me bad. It is less on prop but I still do get it.. Hey Irish dont use nolva while using tren. Nolva increases PgR in breast tissue and gives tren nasty metabolites more to bind to..Go with letro to help control progesterone gyno. (Remember less estrogen less chance for progesterone gyno to occur) Letro also will help reduce the progesterone receptors so it is the best choice.. Anyways some people bloat on prop some dont I do so I use an AI!!!

  3. do you have any experience with AAS? i would keep nolva and an AI on hand during your cycle. If any problems occur use the nolva to beat it down and then the AI to prevent it from happening again. if you are concerned about gyno and bloat .25 mg of anastrozole ED or EOD would probably be sufficient.

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