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    Ok, it's the natural guy again...

    I have a "project" in mind which will require spot darting with trenbolone.. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about pin size for this.. If not, the product will just be used as the others involved, not one particular function..

    Yes, I'm still wearing an Under Armor t-shirt..


  2. Pete what body parts you thinking of doing?

  3. The "project" calls for small amounts (80mg) of trenbolone acetate in split darts (40mg. per shot).. So, this is what an EOD schedule will look like:

    1- calves, 40mg each
    2- rear delts, 40mg each
    3- traps, 40mg each
    4- repeat from site 1

    The triceps are an option, biceps are as well, can never have too much of those.

    BTW, you look alot like Jay Cutler in your avatar, Matthew..

  4. I have used tren in every muscle I have almost. Rear delts is a good one but you will need someone to give it to you.

    Calfs are not going to be fun at all. You will be sore for days and a limp will be there.

    Traps are great, so are lats. When you shoot traps you will notice an almost immediate seperation and definition. The most dramatic change on any spot inject I have seen is when you shoot anything into your traps.

    I am on tren right now for 3 weeks along with prop and EQ. I am using 2.5 cc per shot ED. I have done biceps, triceps, lats, traps, quads, pecs, front delts, medial delts, rear delts, and glutes so far. Tonight it is 2.5cc's in my right bicep. I prefer ED injects when on tren and prop. I am lucky tho since my wife gives me most of my difficult shots, and she is a nurse.

    The only shot that I really don't like to spot inject with tren/prop are the calfs because I can barely walk afterwards, the lats and glutes because I almost always get the fina cough afterwards. Those muscles seem to be just too close to the lungs and the tren gets to them too soon after the shot and I get the fina cough BAD.

    My favorite places to spot inject are the traps, biceps, and front delts.

  5. check the sticky that matt posted i cut and pasted a article by muscletrainee on exactly what ur looking for i believe

  6. Oh , and I use a 25g pin for all my shots an all my stuff is homemade. I have used a slin pin for pec shots but it takes too long and you have to push in HARD to get deep enough with a 1/2 inch pin. So I prefer the 25g pin even for glutes.

  7. 24-25 g are pretty much fine , any finer and its a bitch really . and ive beeen shooting triceps eod for a while now and its getting hard even with 24 g ( i can get finer needles but i get 24 g needles free with my syringes ) lol .
    what does this all tell u , spot inject with the finest possible needle and go with it as long as possible and watch that part grow ( it really does !)

  8. Ok, I was thinking that Trenbolone would be hard to move out a thin gauge pin, since it was oil-based.. So, would 23g work as well, or is the 'slin dart the way to go?

    I'm gonna order 23's anyway for the other products...

  9. 25's , go with the 25 g 1 inch needles .

  10. Good job.. Thanks!

    Anyone else with experience with site darting, please post your thoughts here.. Articles are welcomed as well, along with opinions..

  11. I've had trouble before drawing through a 25, but not shooting.

    Originally posted by bigpetefox
    Ok, I was thinking that Trenbolone would be hard to move out a thin gauge pin, since it was oil-based.. So, would 23g work as well, or is the 'slin dart the way to go?

    I'm gonna order 23's anyway for the other products...

  12. I've heard of guys having problems with both drawing, and darting with anything thinner than 23's... This is good, keep 'em coming!

  13. I draw with an 18g or a 21g. If I draw with an 18g it is because I am preloading 2-3 weeks of daily injects, otherwise it tears up the stopper on the vial too much. With an 18g I can preload 14-21 pins in about 15 minutes, as it draws real fast. I then replace the pin with a 25g. I can buy 100, 18g or 21g pins only for about $4. Well worth it IMO.

  14. Only problem I see with preloading G woud be that the BA might start to breakdown the stopper on the inside of the dart... but that might be me.. I like the 20 gauage to draw with.. and even those can tear up a stopper if you are not careful with it.

  15. I used to go with 25's but now I like the 23's it goes in easier.
    Once in a while I go w/22's

    Calve's = ouch.......

  16. Originally posted by Hugh_Heifer
    Calve's = ouch.......
    Ditto ... not me ... never calves ...

    25g all the time ... nice in and little scar tissue build up


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