How long does Tren made from a kit last?

  1. How long does Tren made from a kit last?

    After you make up Tren from a kit, how long will the stuff remain good? Does refrigerating help? Just a curiousity I've had. Thanx.

  2. not sure what u mean.

    2gkit is 20 shots
    4g = 40

  3. I beleive he means shelf life. No idea here.

  4. Yep, your right...I was looking for shelf life. Sorry for the confusion.

  5. think that I read on gotfina it has a 1 year life after conversion, but don't quote me, you might want to ask over there

  6. that is what I have heard when I asked that same question.. 1 year on shelf life

  7. Thanx for the replies...much appreciated.

  8. Yeah I believe you are right at a 1 year shelf life. I don't believe heat breaks down fina, therefore don't worry about keeping it in the fridge. However, do keep it out of sunlight. Sun will cause it to break down. And nobody wants useless fina.

  9. Yes, you are correct. 1 year is the shelf life f home made tren. As with all gear keep in a cool dark place. cool means, in a closet or drawer or anywhere that is not in constant hot temperature. it will remain the same color (clear gold) for that time. I still feel it can last up to a year and half , but have not been able to confirm it yet. Animal would have been the one to ask, but I have not talked to him since he got into trouble with the law a while back.



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