1. Dmso

    I just got my bottle of T-1 today and was wondering if someone could tell me about the DMSO. What is it and should I add it to my T-1.

  2. try this

    I just did a quick search in the "ingredients" section and this is what I found.

    hope that helps

  3. Re: try this

    Originally posted by fatty
    I just did a quick search in the "ingredients" section and this is what I found.

    hope that helps
    The link doesn't work....

  4. How much are you applying daily? Be mindful to change application spots or suffer the DMSO rash.

  5. DMSO is included in case you spill your makes an excellent solvent...strangely enough it also makes a great penetration if you think you can be careful w/your bottle you can pour the DMSO in w/the T1, shake it up, and enjoy the benefits...if you were so inclined


  6. Right Jay, The dmso is a does increase penetration is usually added at a 10% ratio or 24ml in 240ml solution. It will give a slight odor and sometimes you can taste it 'on your breath'.....this is a sure sign that your transdermal is penetrating the skin. Some peoples skin is more delicate than others and will develop rash. I applied to the same areas for 4wks and saw no rash. Mix it, shake it, apply and grow. Good luck.

  7. Been wondering about DMSO for a while. Transdermal testosterone gel (like Androgel) has an absorption rate of 10%... if a person mixed it with DMSO before applying, would that increase the absorbtion rate significantly? I'm a little leary of trying this without knowing the change to expect... getting a instant 4x or 5x the regular dose could be a little intense.


  8. Well the changes you might experience is lifting heavier weights, increase in size. Androgel sucks by the way. If your serious about getting bigger take T-1 or T-1pro. Read up there's alot of info here to help with any question you need. Late


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