broadening of the face and neck- aas side effect?

  1. Question broadening of the face and neck- aas side effect?

    Ok guys, I saw a documentary on AAS they showed us in health class at school (which was really held no truth at all...) Anyway, one of the side effects they described that kind of made me think was the broadening of the face and neck. At first I thought it might have just been bloat, but the more guys I look at on juice, even cut ones, have large faces and necks. Is it a test related issue? Is it just muscle buildup for the neck? The face just bloat?

  2. sometimes when i look at jay cutler, his head looks really large and .... bulbous , i dunno maybe its just me

  3. I've never heard of this as a side. Of course as you get more muscular your neck grows as well. Im pretty sure your school is trying to scare you. Did they also tell you your dick gets smaller?? LMAO



  4. Usually facial growth is a side-effect of HgH use, not AAS.. Bloat may be a factor during a cycle, but if you're still bloated afterwards, rethink the next cycle..

  5. Oh Crap I am in trouble then.. LMAO.. might be a short term effect from water retention but I don't think it would be permenant.

  6. Testosterone causes a secretion of hGH, so that could be part of the equation, or it could be from the use of GH..several things really...
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