How lean should you be before doing a cycle?

  1. How lean should you be before doing a cycle?

    I could not find a previous thread about this, wondering what is the max bodyfat % you should have when starting a cycle? I guess the less fat the better, since fat can aromatize estrogen. On the other hand you seem to be stronger with a little more fat which might help training. What is a good range to be in when you start?

  2. That depends on what you want to do. if your cutting the question is not relevant. If you’re going for a bulker you really want it a low as you can reasonable get it as you want to be able to gain so body fat without going over board. If your going for a lean gains cycle then where ever your comfortable with it at is where I would start. As a rule (I feel sheepish here, I am still working on cutting back on my weight myself) you should not try and get your body fat down to the low levels unless your planning to compete. It’s hard to put on muscle when your body thinks it starving.

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