First Time Fina Cycle, need some advice

  1. Question First Time Fina Cycle, need some advice

    Hello everyone, have a few questions, this will be my first time using Fina.

    26 yrs old
    6 of BB experience

    I have lots of gear on hand, but since summer is just around the corner I want to do a cutting cycle, but also gain some lean muscle.
    Here is what I have for gear, can you please let me know what you would add with the Fina, thanks in advance

    Fina 45ml (75mg/ml)
    2650 D-BOL (Thai 5mg) tabs
    690 Stanzolol (winstrol 5mg) tabs
    200 Clen (0.04mg) tabs
    25 Anadrol (50mg) tabs
    20amps Sustanon (250mg/ml)
    20amps Omnadren (250mg/ml)
    14 vials of Deca (200mg/ml, 2ml vials)
    40 Proviron (25mg) tabs
    90 Nolvadex (10mg) tabs
    100 Clomid (50mg) tabs

    I know this is lots, but I like to keep lots in hand in case my source gets busted.
    I have all the diet/gainskeeper/post cycle things ready.

    Any info would be very helpfull, since I have never used Fina before.

    Thanks in advance


  2. Couple of more questions, if you don't mind

    This is what I was thinking of doing. What's your opinion?

    How many weeks should I do this cycle for? 8, 10 , 12?
    I was thinking a 10 week cycle, but since I have never used Fina
    I thought I would get some input on this.

    How should I stack this as well?
    I was thinking of something like this, what is your opinion?

    Weeks 1-10 Sustanon 500mg/wk (250mg on Tues, 250mg on Fri.)
    Weeks 1-6 Fina 75mg EOD
    Weeks 4-10 Winstrol tabs 50mg ED
    Weeks 1-10 Milk Thistle
    Weeks 1-10 Cranberry Extract

    Also have Nolvedex & Clomid on hand, will use post cycle too.
    Also have Magnesium on hand for any joint pain that might occur (will take 1200mg per day if joint pain does occur)

    I did want to introduce the Proviron into the cycle as well, but wasn't sure how much to take per week, any info on this would be great (never used this before)

    Also would like to use the Clen. as well, when should I take this and how much? (each pill is 0.04mg, how many of these should I take in a day?)

    Thanks for your time and help

  3. Look well planned out, good luck and keep us posted

  4. cycle you laid out looks good.You may hold a little water from the sust, but minimal

  5. Look like you did a good research on this cycle.

  6. The only thing I would change from that cycle is the way you are using winny. I prefer to do a little overlap with the winny and run it 2 weeks beyond all my other steroids when cutting. This will allow you to start post cycle recovery right after you finish winny and you will not have a 2-3 week down period with no introduction of steroids, and it will solidify and harden your gains while leaning out further. So if I were you I would use the winny like this to cut.

    Week 6-12 or 13(better) Winny 50mg/d

    Even without that change the cycle looks good. Just my $.02


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