hit a Rut...

  1. hit a Rut...

    on day 10 of my cycle and up about 6 pounds or so, havent worked out for 3 days cause my shoulder is ****ed up, woke up today but my throat is killin me and im tired as ****, i also have a mouth sore(inside painful one) u have no idea how tired i am and unmotiviated...

    t-1 4 squarts a day
    600 mgs 19nor
    600 1,4

    any suggestions?> i cant take eca cause of the nox2 and my energy was way way down.... got finals coming up too ****...

    let me know thanks guys

  2. You can take ECA with nox2, just take nox2 first thing in the morning, wait a few hours then take your first dose of eca, then take your second dose of nox2 before bed on an empty stomach, that way it won't interfere.

  3. damn dude, thats alot of **** u got running through your system...

  4. Watch Pumping Iron How have your gains been so far? Maybe try lowering/dropping the 19Nor-diol. I had awesome gains of T1 all by itself...no serious sides whatsoever.


  5. was able to get a sholder workout in. so thats good... was gonna do biceps but started feeling weaker faster, even though generally lifts were up.

  6. Are you eating/sleeping enough?

  7. yea i sleep like 10 hours a night, if not more

  8. are ur lymphnodes in ur armpits and behind ur jaw swollen?

  9. as has been suggested, have you incorporated ECA yet, and if so has this helped?

  10. think my left side was, its gone or maybe it was just in my head...
    (talking bout lymph by jaws) think im getting worse..

  11. honestly to me it sounded like overtraining but ur using a anabolic some people get sick while on them too

  12. could be a simple cold. i just got one, luckily it was at the end of my cycle and not the middle. its this ****in weather man. i dont know how it is where u are at, but here it went from 70's one day to the 50's the next and that always messes up my allergies and i usually end up with a cold. i suggest just gettin lots of sleep and vitamins and work out lighter than usual for a few days and hope u feel better soon so u can get back to liftin hard. goodluck bro.

  13. still kinda sick, but lifting again, str is up and finals r here so didnt sleep for like 30 hours, sucked when i did sleep itwas for 15 hours
    i knew i would be asleep for awhile so i setup 3 protein shakes..


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