M TRN / 4 AD cycle and puffy nipple problem

  1. M TRN / 4 AD cycle and puffy nipple problem


    Been running this cycle for 2 weeks and have noticed slightly swollen nipples. Its only very slight and does not show whatsoever if im cold or if I splash some cold water on my pecks. They are not sore at all either. No hard lumps either. Its just like there is a little liquid filling my immediate nipple area and making it swell slightly.

    I tried squeezing a nipple as hard as I could stand this morning and had a small drop of black liquid come out, only about half the size of the head of a pin. I have started taking nolva at 60mg today. Shall I continue this and keep going with my cycle? Alternatively, Should I change to a different chemical? I have Halodrol, SD, PP on hand.

    One other thing to note is I notice when i squeeze them really hard this also make them go normal looking again, gave them both a good hard squeeze about 10 minutes ago and they looked normal for about 5 minutes. I only managed to get a small drop of black **** to come out of 1 of them though, nothing came out the other.

    Any input much appreciated!

  2. What you have is a prolactin problem. Order some cabergoline (Dostinex) from the board sponsors immediately. You are getting this most likely from the TRN. As far as sticking with the cycle, you should be fine after you start taking Nolva and Dostinex, but its really up to you. I would personally halt it if you start to feel lumps.

    Read about Letrozole too. Its a powerful anti-estrogen that will kill your estrogen and lower progesterone too. This I have read is good for these types of problems from TRN, but letro should be avoided if possible (I personally hated being on it). Do a board search and read more about it.

    I would at least start taking Dostinex .5mg twice a week.

  3. Unfortunatly im not in the US, so by the time I recieve some Dostinex my cycle will almost be over.

    Think it will be OK to just use the nolvadex and maybe switch to Halodrol should it get any worse? Or should I just switch to Halodrol straight away as I can't get the Dostinex?

  4. I dont think switching to another PH will help. Just cut out the TRN for now. Keep taking the Nolva. The last thing you want is puffy nips and.or lumps, the lactation may be scary but it goes away more easily than lumps. I personally would begin PCT and take this as a lesson learned the hard way. TRN, Tren, are a pain in the ass. You almost need a PHD to fight gyno from TRN. If you have some Rebount XT at least you can lower your estrogen as this will help. I have heard Nolva doesnt help with tren gyno, but I dont personally believe it. Im no expert though.
    If I couldnt take Dostinex I wouldnt even touch TRN. I have a bottle of TRN and Dostinex that will be used together.

  5. Surely if I replaced the TRN with Halodrol and also took Nolva and ATD for rest of cycle, how would that be any different to stopping the cycle and doing post cycle therapy?

    Either way, the chemical that was causing the problem in the first place (TRN) would then no longer be in my system.

  6. Well i dont know much about 4AD but if it aromitizes that could add you your estrogen problems. Plus just replaceing TRN with H-50 might not do much. H-50 I think takes time to kick in. So 2 weeks might not do much good. You can try it if you want to, but drop the TRN and take ATD and Nolva at least. Better yet stick with your cycle and get some Cabergoline.

  7. Prolactin sucks, but hey, at least it's not gyno. Order dostinex right away, even if you will only get it after ur cycle, the longer u leave it, the longer the cabergoline takes to get rid of it. If u get it from IBE start at half a dropper twice a week, and pyramid up to a full dropper twice a week.


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