Syno vs. 4-AD Transdermal

  1. Syno vs. 4-AD Transdermal

    Would it be worth converrting Syno with out the estro for a transdermal? When 4-AD can be found?

    Oops wrong place

  2. Interesting question. Test doesn't need to be converted so a larger amount could be delivered (4AD conversion to test is dependant on enzymatic conversion). But then, 4AD is supposedly about 90% as effective as test without undergoing conversion. A transdermal prep should allow easy consistant dosing without the problems associated with shooting suspended test. Assuming 4AD is 90% as effective as test, then it depends on cost (including the slight amount of effort to prepare syno). I don't think either is better than the other for a transdermal.

  3. Yes it is worth converting syno to get TNE for transdermal use. 4-AD is a very nice PH, yet it does not compare to good old test.

  4. its 90% as anabolic as test, doesn't mean thats its 90% as effective; there's more to it

  5. I tried trans test and it didn't work as well as trans 4-AD.

  6. thats a possibility; but switch roles and try injectable test cyp vs 4-ad cyp...

  7. Originally posted by Bean
    thats a possibility; but switch roles and try injectable test cyp vs 4-ad cyp...
    I beleave you, I'm just surprised the trans test didn't work too well. Others have also reported sub-par results with trans test.

  8. Then again, others have reported stellar results with test transdermal. Might be my next experiment; hopefully the conversion is as easy as it looks.


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