5-alpha androstenediol with 1-Test/4-AD

  1. 5-alpha androstenediol with 1-Test/4-AD

    Hey bros, anyone here ever used 5-alpha androstenediol. I'm thinking about stocking up on it before PH's get banned. Would this be worth adding to 1-Test & 4-AD ? BTW what are the effective recommended doses. I know the DHT from this cycle is heavy, but no males in mom's side of the family are bald, not even my grandpa who is 70

  2. Even if there is no genetic balding in your family, adding 5-alpha to that stack may knock your hair right outta your head.

  3. Than what would be better for hardening up, a 1-Test & 4-AD (just enough 4-AD to prevent lethargy) or 5-AA and 4-AD ?

  4. 5AA and 4AD work well together.. My first actual researched ph "cycle" was 1,4Andro/5AA/4AD, and it did help with the pump, and it did keep me dry, considering I hold water like a camel at times..

    Transdermally, I'm not sure of how effective it is, but I had good results with 400mg a day orals..

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