Primo now or later?

  1. Primo now or later?

    Entering 5th week of cycle.
    600mg week sustanon .
    Just finished last shot of tren end of last week.

    Everything is going great but I got a small problem maybe.
    I just noticed my only bottle of primobolan butyrate(5 day ester) will hit expiration June 06 next month.

    So I was gonna run for 12 weeks total but now I am thinking do I run the primo in there too or save it for later?
    I am not in the US so no way to get to get any other compounds to stack with this anytime soon so if I save the primo it will have to be run later by itself or with the anadrols I got coz after this cycle all other test and whatever else is gone.Will only have primo and anadrols.
    Oh ya the primo butyrate is 20ml @ 200mg/ml.
    I mean I can also save it and stack it with some sort of ph later but I know so little about primo thats why I ask for recomendations here I just do not know.
    Let me know if you need more info or whatever.



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