PHs and expiration dates?

  1. PHs and expiration dates?

    I was wondering if the PH becomes inactive after the expiration date, or if it is still active after the date, just not 100% effective such as with OTC medicines? I know with OTC medicines, the companies list a very conservative expiration date, and in fact, the medicine can still be effective for 5 years after the expiration date.


  2. A prohormone expires when a certain percent has degraded, I believe. Most drugs just become less potent over time, however there are a few (eg. minocycline) that become more toxic over time. It's more important to find that out first. If you want to extend the shelf life, store them in your freezer.

  3. To further extend, vacuum seal and put in the freezer. Major sources of degradation in pharmaceuticals is heat, moisture, oxygen and light. Expiry's set on prescription drugs are not conservative. They are based on data that is generated during clinical trials and stress studies. OTC's most likely follow similiar protocols. As for as sd, pp, etc, I don't know what type of stability studies they run. So, if stocking up and storing, at the very least put in freezer. You do not know what type of degradates form over time (one reason for loss of potency). These degradates may be more toxic than drug.

  4. good posts doom3q and sock., I agree. Just make sure if you store them in your freezer, vacuum seal and make sure that you don't get any tears or pin holes. the freezer will wreck it with moisture in no time if you get flaws in your vacumm sealing.

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