Cutting Cycle -- Suggestions ?

  1. Cutting Cycle -- Suggestions ?

    Hey guys,

    Supposing I have the following items available:

    * Superdrol
    * Pheraplex
    * Halodrol-50 (first lot)
    * Max LMG

    I would like to put together a 6 week cycle that will largely be for fat reduction. Any suggestions on ways to put a pair of those compounds to work?

    I was thinking 4 weeks Pheraplex followed by 2 weeks of Superdrol would work nicely. I also saw a thread with mention of Superdrol and Halodrol together, but I really don't have much idea of how to best combine them for someone of my size (~185 pounds). And as for Max LMG I'm at a loss with how to use that one in a combination I also have Prostanozol available... but I dislike this compound very much due to joint aching so I'm leaving it off the list and will probably throw it away.

    Suggestions welcome. This will be starting in the next few weeks. All support supps and PCT supps are on hand and ready to go as well.

  2. Out of those available compounds, I'd be more inclined to go with either PP or Halo. Given SD's propensity for glycogen storage, I don't see it being very effective in a caloric deficit. I've heard good things about a PP/ZOL cutting cycle.

  3. Dont do six weeks of methyls either... i agree PP/ZOL, but from what you have... i would go just PP. PP goes over LMG for sure, so scrap the LMG.

    I dont have personal experience with halodrol, but if it truly does act like turinabol then it would be good for a cutter, but no go to stack with the PP.

  4. I have been having a hard time finding out much of anything about Halodrol... have some of the threads been erased?

    If I cannot find anything conclusive I suppose I will go with straight Pheraplex then based on the suggestions.

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