final input-prohormone stack

  1. final input-prohormone stack

    im ready to order my stack of prohormones and this is what ive come up with
    boldione and 1test ethergels
    what im going for is strength,speed,mass not a priority, low/none bloat.

    i chose the boldione over the 3alpha because it seems that the side effects outweight the risk, right?

    first hand users-input, recommendations, advice, post cycle recovery,
    are all welcome

  2. Read the following thread. It follows MotorcityAl's progress in detail as he does the exact same 1-T ethergel/Boldione cycle. He was very happy with results.****65825

  3. what i meant to say is that i feel that with the 3alpha the side effects are NOT worth it. but this is still only a suspicion, and id love feedback

  4. reconsideing stacking 1test,boldione, and 3alpha-all at mild dosages..............thoughts?

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