I have been trying s few different ideas on how to convert Winny to a suspension.

Here is a picture of my last couple conversions. I have a few differnt formulas for solvents I have been using to do this. All have worked to some degree, and some methods better than others.

The solvents I've used are BA, BB and PS80

The following 2 pics are the same, just different sizes. Starting at the syringe and working to the right, Each vial is # 1, 2, 3 or 4. They syringe was drawn from vial 3 (the one with the most settling)

I am trying to figure out why vial 3 is so cloudy. I think the syringe may gave had a little oil in it when I drew the winny into it. Could this have made it cloudy?

Also, the difference betwee vial 3 and the rest of the vials is pretty amazing as far as the amount the powder settles. This vial is the only one that was made with water that wasn't room temp.

The vial to the right of vial 3 (vial 4) is the oldest (2-3 weeks old) the rest of the cials are only 24 hours old. So vial 12 and 4 are all made with room temp sterile distilled water.

Why would vial 3 have suck a more dense layer of winny? Any ideas?