Trips abroad; maybe Korea

  1. Trips abroad; maybe Korea

    I'm planning on taking some quality time off of work life some time soon. Been with nose to grindstone for too long. I was wondering if the bros could give me some insights as to good places to train, party and of course, obtain legal suppliments.

    Korea is high on my list, as I have friends there. ANy idea if dbol and friends are legal OTC there, as they are in Thailand? I know eastern europe also has some possibilities like this, but with the dollar the way it is, it would be hard to goof off there as long as I could in Asia. It would be nice if there was some local culture catering to people like me; I know it is so in Thailand (but it just sounds too crazy to be there).

    thanks for any advice,


  2. Personally, I would not risk it
    Also, if you do a search, their are a couple of theards about this same topic but with Mexico

  3. where in korea do you plan on going?

  4. Not legal OTC in korea anymore, thailand would be a better bet.

  5. the u.s. has been known to stick undercovers in the pharmacies in korea. atleast they did when i was there. specifically for the military people but you never know.



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