I'm In Love!

  1. I'm In Love!

    Her names Trenbolone Acetate . I'm dieting right now been on Tren Ace 75mg eod and Test Prop 150mg eod for a week now. I have to say i LOVE this stuff my strength is phenominal, i'm maintaining all my size and dropping straight fat, i'm done week one and done 2lbs which i can see is straigh off my sides, back and stomach. This is definetly a huge help in dieting i must say. I'm 280lbs right now and hope to be 260lbs at 10% bf by the end of my 10 weeker, i'm eating 3000 calories a day with a 45/30/25 split and doing 20 minutes of cardio post-workout 5x a week, in addition to walking my 3 dogs every day for 30 minutes. If you haven't tried tren i HIGHLY suggest it. After this cycle I think i'm going to do another cutter but this time Tren enthanate+Test enthanate for 12 weeks, get me down to the single digit bf level. Ok i'm done my rant.

  2. I like Trenbolone's older sister, Nandrolone much better.

    Only reason, even though I gained mad strength cutting, diced up fast and all, 50mg ED had me short-winded.. feeling like I was 300lbs walking up a flight of stairs. My endurance was squashed. I was also quite irritable. I had heard recently that it effects seratonin and dopamine (don't quote me, I'm parroting info now) and makes people more liable to episodes of irritibility.. and I'm not much of a ****.. but I could be on Tren.. And just to let you know, I normally firmly defend the Roid Rage Stigma.

    Regardless, different strokes as they say, and most of my peers love the ****. I just don't think it mixes with my royal blood. yeah, you heard me.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Ubiquitous
    yeah, you heard me.
    Nope, I must have missed it.

    I've been meaning to try tren sometimes, It just sounds like a great one, besides the obviuos sides many get. I hope to be able to try some later this year, maybe early 2007 and find out how I react to it.

  4. Aggression hasn't been a problem, i have ALOT more in the gym though as well as way more focused, it's making dieting a breeze, i love this stuff, lol. The one pain in the ass is the sleep though, not sleeping so well. I orginally intended on doing 75mg ed because of my size but even 75mg eod is plenty, and i started that weighing 282lbs! I can't wait to try this when bulking, i can see myself lifting some heavy ass weight. Test gives me TONS of size but for some reason not nearly as much strength, so if i stack em i'll get the best of both worlds. I'm from the school of thought that big weights build big muscles and that I want to be as strong as I look.

  5. When I switched to ED shots, the sweats and insomnia went away for the most part. Split 75 EOD into 37.5mg ED then.. It may help.

  6. im trying out tren in a few short week i cant wait for the strength gains. im also a big believer in the big weights build big muscles category.

    insomnia? hmm the GABA takes care of that along with a lot of the irritability or so i hear. PGH to the rescue. :bruce1:

  7. GABA just really takes away any anxious feelings in my experience.. but you're right, it could help to a point.

  8. GABA knocks me out.

    dont you people sleep? 3 am and still truckin


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