Well I Just Got My Hands On Some Igf-1

  1. Well I Just Got My Hands On Some Igf-1

    i recently picked up some igf-1 long chain from a doctor friend of mine...i have been doing a **** load of research on it for the past several months...now from what if heard on the boards and from users themselves this stuff is next to amazing ****!

    i have 4 one month cycles of the stuff (cost me an arm and a leg) but hopefully its worth it. Appearently igf-1 by itself will reduce 30% bodyfat and increase muscle mass by quite a bit in just the one month.

    i was thinking of cycling this with some gh, test, anavar, and some t3's...but im curious to see what would happen if i took it by itself. Any thoughts?

  2. I believe YJ has some knowledge in this arena. Bump for YJ's comments.

    Good luck Blindfaith!


  3. IGF-1 is the holy grail of roids. It's more powerful than test and any other hormone

    You could probably run it by itself and get good results.

    I doubt any of us amateurs would have any knowledge of the best way to stack this, since probably only the pros run stuff like that (if even they can get ahold of it)

    If you're running a cutting cycle, that sounds good. However, I would run a bulking cycle first if I were you.

    I would probably run it along side test, deca or eq, dbol or anadrol. I would skip the GH as IGF-1 blows gh out of the water any day.

    IMO it seems like a waste to run such a super cool, hard to find substance on a cutting cycle.

    But do what you want, and if you have any left over. Don't forget your buddies

  4. I brought up a GH/Slin/IGF-1/Test cocktail idea at bodybuilding.com in a thread talking about IGF-1

    if you are using IGF-1 then there is no reason to also use GH

    here is the link



    hope this helps

  5. blindfaith , can u post some links on where i can know more on igf-1 ? very interested to know .

  6. IGF-1 in my opinion and after extensive research is mediocre alone, but throwing in some GH (Humatrope) will only add to the mass you will can achieve. Although this cycle isnt for the newbies (which I know you arent) when y ou put GH, IGF-1, and insulin together this creates dynamic cell hypertrophy, as you probably already know, leading to some ugly sides. But on the other hand, insulin is a must with GH or igf-1. With insulin and and a testosterone (Enth. I presume would be ideal)this cycle could produce amazing size gains, even when cutting, not to mention a 30-35% bodyfat decrease, which is almost unheard of. Although I cant site many scientific sources, Ive read here and there and heard testimonals of those who've done a complete igf-1 cycle (igf-1, test, insulin, t3 and anadrol) etc.

    The insulin is in charge of getting more nutrients in the cell for synthesis of protein and is generally known as a hormone laid out to producing hyperplasia. Not to scare you because Im sure you're well aware that cell hypertrophy is the cause of the GH Gut, which obviously isnt desirable. Studies have also shown that T3 goes hand in hand with Igf-1. Cytomel and 6IU's a day of HGH along with the IGF-1 isnt a bad idea for those with the $$. Im not sure anavar fits into this equation, Ive heard of only a-bombs and occasional dianbol being used with it. Not to mention anavar isnt cheap, but if you have it, it couldnt hurt, although its a 17aa.

    I have also heard that igf-1 combined with insulin is actually better than implants Simply inject into a lagging body part and watch it grow. Im also curious how many weeks you plan to run this bro?
    Im sure you've planned out proper post cycle therapy with this and I suggest running ALA and milk thistle throughout the cycle along with a gallon or more of water each day. And keep us updated on how this cycle goes....YJ

    EDIT: To the guy wanting to run it with a bulking cycle, keep in mind adequate gains come from around 1 gram of test a week and 600mgs of either deca or EQ....all this seems harsh to me, but to each his own, Im not a fan of messing with my liver on a hardcore level, my thyroid and pancreas all in the same cycle

  7. I have ran igf-1 before...infact i did with my last cycle..i went 30 days on 30 days off then 30 days back on....first 30 days i did 30mcg ed 5 days on 2 days off...the 2nd 30 days i went on i bumped it to 80 or 90 mcg per day i cant really remember...

    i was taking it with t-3 winny test eq and fina...

    i dont feel its a strong as GH but it did keep the BF low...you will like the results of it br just make sure to start low with it to see how you react...i know alot of bros that had bad reactions to it before...

  8. yeah im just looking to cut the **** up as well as gain a little extra muscle mass.

    i plan on doing the igf-1 for a month on and a month off for 4 cycles worth...as well as i got a 6 month supple of gh which i will cycle 3 months on 3 off...and i was convinced to throw some fina in there...fina is my favorite by far...may soon come to a close 2nd when i finally try some gh and igf1

    i'll keep you boys posted...only problem with this kinda cycle is that its gunna be hard to keep it a secret from the woman!

    oh yeah...and im definetly NOT going to be taking insulin...too hardcore for me!

  9. Two more things to had bro...i know a good bro of mine Lewd (mod at FB.com) who took ifg-1 and it gave him slin like side effects...after his injection he would go into a sourt of hypo state and would have to carb up ASAP...just watch cause some ppl react the same way to this....which will make the sides alittle harder on you..

    also...if you have 6 months worth of GH i would suggest always staying on it for 6 months...dont cycle it...i would stay on 4-6 iu per day 5 days on 2 days off...stayin on longer at lower dose is far more effective then going on 8-10 for like 10-12 weeks...

    just my thoughts on that...but yes cycle the igf-1 4 weeks on 4 weeks off...GH and igh-1 work great together...i have a friend doing this samething right now..and he is getting leaner and leaner everyday which is giving him that bigger look because there is alot seperation between his muscles and ofcourse BF went down so much

  10. can i run a maintaince type of diet while doing igf-1 and still drop a **** load of body fat?

  11. IGF does hit the insulin receptor, if you really want to know the kinetics I got that sitting somewhere 'round here. Trouble is, IGF will cause all sorts of growth that you don't want (mostly cardiac tissue). Personally I think it pretty odd that you got it from a MD friend--is he doing research? I don't think it's something most physicians have sitting around. My Ph.D. work was with IGF (neurological use) so I'm not totally unfamiliar with it, but admittedly, I can't claim full knowledge of it's anabolic use. I have a couple grams of IGF-I sitting in my old lab waiting for me to use, but there ain't no way I'm gonna shoot it! IGF-I is essentially what does all the things that are thougth to be caused by hGH--if you don't mind what large doses of hGH does, then I guess you'll use your IGF-I (please PM me with details on how you got it, just for my curiosity--I don't for a second buy that "my dr. friend" line). Were I you, I'd bite the loss and save up for something else.



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