Another Newbie question

  1. Another Newbie question

    I was reading Big Cats write up on all the prohormones. In his description of 1,4 andro he said that oral delivery is the most efficient. Is this still the suggested meathod or have better meathods come up? I am not sure how dated that article is. If oral is the prefered meathod what are doses for a begginer? and can I just swallow the bulk powder with water?
    Also, if I am using a transdermal with 1-test powder should I bother with adding 4ad to the transdermal or would it be a waste? Thanks.

  2. 1,4 orally is still the best method I believe. 1-T with 4ad is definitely a good idea, as there are benefits with 4ad that are not available with 1-T alone. up until recently Chemo's most popular ph gels were mixed this way, to afford the benefits of both, and to help combat the effects of 1-T alone. many, many, many people have enjoyed and derived wonderful results either from these products (T-1, T-1Pro), Avant's old gels (ONE, ONE+), or their own similar homebrews.

  3. So yes the 1-test and 4ad transdermal is a good stack but I wasn't clear on if you thought adding the 1,4 andro orally would be worth while.

  4. The 1,4 is some expensive stuff--but ive heard good things about adding it to a 1test/4ad stack

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