Hello new friends!

  1. Hello new friends!

    Hello I just want to start my first post by saying how grateful I am to the men on this site. So many of you give so much energy and time to not only your passion of bodybuilding, but to others. I am a newbie on the block, and I have read several forums over the last several months in order to try to ascertain the best one for me in terms of helpfulness, accuracy and overall feel. I have come to the conclusion that AnabolicMinds is the best website for bodybuilding information on the internet!

    With my introduction out of the way, I would like to start my relationship with you all (hopefully one which I can give back as I become more knowledgable), with a question.

    I am 5'9'' 202 lbs, and 14 or so bf%. My goal is to weigh no less than 195 pounds at no more than 10 percent bf. I have come a long way however one of my biggest issues to date has been the managing of muscle loss while cutting.

    I did a cycle of superdrol for 3 weeks back in October (way to early, albeit quite effective), and pcted with 6oxo and testrol for 2 weeks. I seemed to keep my gains for 2 months pct, however
    seemed to notice a fast change in my muscle/fat ratio.

    Now on the Haladrol for day 12, my question is: What can I best do to not only keep most of my gains this time around, but to lower my bf% when I go in pct and beyond. I know cutting during pct is counterproductive, yet my biggest issues are with how much/what type of cardio is best for losing fat yet retaining
    muscle. My ultimate goal is not to be huge, rather to have a cut, vascular body.

    I thank you all for your willingness to help others, and your knowledge in a lifestyle I have fallen in love with.

  2. Read your post ( I am worried ) for responses to diet, it is key.

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