BIGPOPPA'S second cycle!!!

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  1. Originally posted by BigPoppaThrilla
    sorry guys i didnt think anyone was following this thread,
    WEEK 5

    im up 21 pounds, after my anadrol water drop off i only lost 2 pounds

    bench press-510 max
    incline benches-470 max
    one arm preacher curls 100 5 reps
    barbell row-330 5 reps

    some of my lifts
    Jesus man, that's lifting!! That curl is nuts, a 100lber!

  2. Re: Great job Dave!

    Originally posted by John Benz
    470 lb incline! I'm impressed. All I can say is I'm glad we're on the same side.
    thanks john, thanks weave maybe one day i will get a friend to take pics of me when im lifting these weights!

  3. Damn you!!! i am still workin up to the 100's for my pressing and you curl them...

    i am lookin forward to seein your post cycle pics... keep goin bro, you are a freakin monster!

  4. haha thanks bro

  5. Nice job Dave! Keep those gains coming My Canadian Brother



  6. Nice gains BPP! Your strengths are NUTS!!

    Keep it up, and keep us posted!


  7. thanks guys!

  8. nice gains bro!

  9. thanks jay!

  10. no problem

  11. Awesome lifts, bro - you must be built like a house. And i thought I had problems getting clothes to fit!

    What part of Ontario are you from? I lived in Toronto till I was 8.

  12. thanks bro,
    i live about an hour outside of toronto

  13. Cant wait for the pics

    Great lifts Bro

    Im starting my first cycle tomorrow, cant wait

  14. was up guys!! new to the web site a guy at my gym told me about it.
    I'm 6-2 275 18%BF need to lose some middle. Keep my muscle. I just broke my arm in a martial arts demo and will be out of serious weights for 8 weeks. So i am working on the comeback plan. Never done cycle of anything hungry for info.



  15. Originally posted by GYM1
    Cant wait for the pics

    Great lifts Bro

    Im starting my first cycle tomorrow, cant wait

    good luck on your cycle to


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