prohormones- one step from the real deal?

  1. prohormones- one step from the real deal?

    since ive pretty much gathered that prohormones nowadays are one step from being the "real deal", i was wondering if there is a list that illustrates the specific prohormone (ie 1ad,4ad,5aa, etc.) and the actual steroid it is designed to "pre-curse" or "mimick"-if that is the right word.
    for example, in my case the info ive gathered is pointing to a stack of
    winny/tren(for strength,speed, and quality lean mass gains)
    with the products that "legal" to buy, what prohormones am i looking at taking?
    ps- i have used prohormones before, seen there results, so there has to be something very similar

  2. Check out the sticky on the top of this page called "can we make a list of all PH's, and what they do??"
    Lifeguard made a chart will all the ph's. I think your best bet would be 1-test and 1,4 andro.

  3. 3Alpha will do the trick too based on what your stated goals are.

  4. 1-test(similar to tren)

    This will will give quality water retension free gains. Your strength should also jump through the roof. What for dht sides such as hairloss.

  5. thanks fella's
    so im looking at 1test and either 3alpha or 1,4andro. -pro's and cons of 3alpha and 1,4andro?first hand expiriences?
    any recommendations for dosages? is 4 weeks enough for a cycle length? i probably wont go longer than that.
    recommendations for post cycle to retain gains?im using 6oxo right now for my previous cycle-will probably use again

  6. this is what i can gather(based on my understanding of the sticky posted on the forum)-
    1, 4andro- may be a better choice for me cause the side effects arent great
    3alpha- side effects more pronounced than 1,4andro, maybe greatly so, right?
    but essentially they do the same as far as my goals are concerned, no?
    -will both of them offset the lethargy associated with 1test?

  7. Won't do anything for your dick, not sure about the lethargy.

  8. Neither will offset the lethargy. You should see some good effects from both.

  9. 3-alpha converts to dht 5-6 times more than 5-alpha, so hairloss can be a major concern. 1-test and 3-alpha=lethargy.An eca stack will most likely be needed.

    1,4andro will provide a little amount of estrogen. This wll yield more gains in mass. It has also been known to stimulate the appetite to some degree.

    For the least amount of sides, I would go with 1-test with 1,4 andro.

    My last stack was "one" satcked with boldione. The "one" was taken at 6 squirts twice a day. The boldione was taking 200mg 3 times a day. The result was an 11 pound increase in weight and a 2% loss of bodyfat. Strength went up considerably.
    Squat- 315 for five reps to ten reps
    bench-275 for 1 rep to 275 for 8 reps
    max squat- 365 to 405
    max bench 275 to 325.

    My results were great. This was my fourth ph satck. I have also done 2 aas satcks in the past.Hope this helps and good luck with your decision and cycle.

  10. hey could you actually stack 1test,boldione, and 3alpha at resonable dosages?
    what would be the pro's and con's?
    sorry i dont know much about an eca stack, could you expand on this?

  11. ECA is ephendrine caffeine and asprin and is used when cutting. There are tons of brands out there, the only one i used was xenadrine rfa-1.

  12. oh goodee ....

    time for me to kick in to 'educator mode'

    originally posted by bigswole30
    3-alpha converts to dht 5-6 times more than 5-alpha,
    3-alpha is 5 alpha-androstane 3-alpha, 17-beta-diol (pronounced "die-all" not "dee-all")

    5-alpha (more commonly known as 5-AA) is 5 alpha-androstane 3-beta, 17-beta-diol

    the only difference in these molecules is the orientation of the OH or hydroxyl group in the 3rd carbon position (when looking at the steroid molecule the 3rd position is in the lower left-hand side). The 3-alpha has the hydroxyl group positioned behind the carbon, while the 3-beta has the hydroxy group positioned in front of the carbon

    originally posted by athlete

    hey could you actually stack 1test,boldione, and 3alpha at resonable dosages?
    what would be the pro's and con's?
    sorry i dont know much about an eca stack, could you expand on this?
    alright then, here we go...

    1-test you can do 250mg transdermally per day (hoping for 40% absorption), 500-600mg of boldione per day (oral), and 250mg per day of 3-Alpha (oral)

    do that for 4 weeks

    ECA: Ephedrine, Caffeine, Asprin. the ephedrine is whats called a beta-adrenergic receptor agonist (acts the same way as adrenaline), is in the same class of substances as amphetamine, methamphetamine, pseudoephedrine, norephedrine and synephrine, burns fat. Caffeine is a stimulant, is naturally occuring in teas, coffee, guarana seed, gotu kola nuts and other things, it is also a mild diuretic (rids the body of excess water and dehydrates) and burns fat. Asprin is a naturally ocurring substance found in white willow bark and is a pain reliever, and also extends the fat burning effects of the ephedrine and caffeine.

    ....ummm....I'm done
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  13. i didnt realize that you meant effedrine,caffiene and asprin- ive used these products in the past but will probably shy away from them in the future.if i need a jolt of energy or some focus ill have an expresso or some power drive.
    great info on stack recommendations, but i still have a few questions(thanks for bearing with me)........
    im not thrilled about a transdermal and id rather take an t1 ethergel-thoughts?
    you guys really didnt touch on whether you thought it was a sound idea to stack all three together?anybody who stacked all three-what are some negatives to condider/look for?

  14. They can be stacked. Just watch for the sides. I would go with 1-ad over the ethergels. IMO, they have out performed the ethergels in the real world. Much more cost effective.

  15. thanks, i have used the 1ad in the past at 300mgs a day(will up the dosages this time). i was waiting for someone to tell me its as good as the 1test

  16. BANG!! LG covers all the FAQ's yet again, thanks brother!

    I would also pick 1-ad over the ethergels anyday, no question. Ethergels seem to have a mixed reaction, and much gray area in regards to absorption. With 1-ad the absorption isn't really in question, but the conversion to 1-test can have some sides like increased shedding. There's something about the conversion to 1-test that seems to give increased hair loss.

  17. did i understand you when you said that 1ad can induce "shedding"- im not so sure what you mean by this, but i used it and i didnt see any(but it might also help to know what you meant by shedding)

  18. I only noticed hair issues on my second cycle of 1-test.

  19. alright-i think the choice is made-1ad and boldione
    im looking forward to getting stronger,faster and lean and mean!


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