NOLVA/ homebrew

  1. NOLVA/ homebrew

    whats the recipe for nolva and i hear u dont need to use glycerol or peg is this true? im new to homebrewing so please be patient


  2. First hello and welcome to the board.
    I'm sure if you use the search botton you'll find the answer to your question. I've seen it already somewhere. Please seache and if it has not been posted then ask.

  3. 50 ml olive oil, 1 gram Tamoxifen Citrate, mix, heat, shake = 19.6mg per ml. Shake before each draw of your oral syringe. This is a suspension not a solution.
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  4. dont i need to mix with everclear?

  5. If you are trying to disolve it into a solution maybe. I gave you a recipe for a suspension. Works just fine.
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  6. so thats it. then its ready to be used? im sorry these questions might be stupid but i am new to this whole homebrewin thing and i dont want to mess it up

  7. The whole purpose behind a solution/suspension is for doseage administration. It is a little difficult to measure out 20-60mg of powder each time you need to dose so you really have only two viable options. 1. Cap em 2. Suspend/dissolve into a liquid for ease of accurate measurement.

    Once it is in the oil, a good shake will disperse the Tamoxifen evenly throughout the oil, thus a suspension (the particles are suspended in the oil). Draw with an oral syringe and you have a pre specified dose of said substance within the oil that is now in the syringe.

    Make sense?
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  8. yea its makin a lil more sense now, so once i make the suspension in the oil how should i consume the final product? do u recommend cappin it? and what liquid would i use to disolve the suspension in?

  9. You are not getting it. Once dissolved in the oil, draw the desired amount into an oral syringe, shoot into mouth and swallow.

    Capping would involve the raw powder and a filler.

    The liquid is the oil, you are dissolving nothing, it is a SUSPENSION not a SOLUTION.

    If you want a solution, you will need a dissolving agent. For simplicity's sake, just use the suspension.
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  10. haha aight man thanks, i thought it would be more complicated then that, cause the rest of these recipes ive been lookin at for my deca winny and eq seem like there gonna be a pain in the ass, u have any expierence with makein them i hear winny is pretty easy to screw up?

  11. Nope, can't help you there but if you use the search function I am sure you will find all the answers you are looking for already covered in previous threads.
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  12. aight thanks man I appreciate your help

  13. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr
    If you are trying to disolve it into a solution maybe. I gave you a recipe for a suspension. Works just fine.
    Plus, Olive Oil tastes a lot better than everclear and 151.


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