anyone used masteron?

  1. anyone used masteron?

    has anyone used masteron?  If so what did you think of it?


    Im trying to think of some future cycles for myself.  right now im in the middle of a 4 weeker, then gonna take 4 weeks off, then hit a 6 weeker i think, then stop for a while and go on a mass stack for fall....

    masteron I was going to use for a cutting stack


  2. Why not just go with the basics..tren and test or test and winny for cutting? Why get so exotic?

  3. makes it more fun i guess, im just throwing ideas around at this point. and its at a good price (providing its real and dosing is accurate)...

    Im also debating whether I can muster up the balls to do some injections again. I didn't like doing them at all, so id have to work up to it. Id really like to use EQ at some point, so looks like i will have to stop being abitch

  4. I heard that Masterone isn't available anymore, plus Bill Llewellyn has it listed in his book as NLM, or No Longer Manufacturered..

    Names and Maufacturers:
    Drolban- Lilly US
    Masterid- Gruenthal G
    Mastril- Syntex GB, BG
    Masteron-Sarva-Syntex B; Cilag PT
    Mastisol- Shionogi Japan
    Metormon- Syntex ES
    Permastril- Cassenne FR

    Any Masteron found out now is either bootleg, or very old and unusable.. Besides, there's always Fina!

  5. It's IP's.
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  6. yeah IP 50mg tabs.....but ive read on another board its no good. NO proof behind it though.

  7. There is some decent oil coming out of underground labs but the ip tabs are a nono.


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