Transdermal Test?

  1. Transdermal Test?

    Just wondering if its possible and if anyone has a reciepe for makin it. Is it possible to make it out of synovex? I've just finshed a finasol cycle and really liked it so i'm lookin into something different next time. Thanks.

  2. Are you against 4ad or something? If you have test base you can make it a transdermal just like anything else... I think chemo has instructions...but good luck finding powders.

  3. i'm still trying to figure out how to turn 4ad into test. it is possible, but i have yet to get a simple procedure.

  4. Here we goooooo......synovex to TNE

    (1)Dissolve the pellets in methanol (heet)...maybe 2 bottles for 10 carts.
    (2) Add 2 or 3 tablespoons of saturated sodium hydroxide solution, stir and let sit for a day or two. This cleaves the esters and makes estradiol SOLUBLE in water.
    (3) Add about a liter or so of water...the test base will precipitate.
    (4) Filter and wash with water several times. This removes more estradiol and excess hydroxide. Check the pH if possible and verify it is neutral. Or, just wash the heck out of it.
    (5) Let dry and enjoy 18-20 g test base!

  5. what of the concerns over incomplete separation? is there any truth to this? also with synovex at $80, i think i can get 20g of test from 4ad for less. the nice thing about the reaction is that it is simple and 100% specific and goes to completion and the reagents are cheap: manganese dioxide in metnanol if i remember. i can get that stuff for free so my cost is the 4ad which is $0.80/g and the procedure should be shorter than the extraction. even if one only gets a 95% reaction if they mess up, the rest is 4ad so no worries. basically i'm trying to workout whether or not this would be cost effective for someone who would have to buy the materials, but from preliminary guesstimates it looks good.

    cheers, pete

  6. how's this for cheap:

    4ad+MnO2+chloroform=90% test at room temp, the rest is 4ad

    that's pretty good, but hopefully, i'm just getting started


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