halo or pro-magnon

  1. halo or pro-magnon

    I have heard alot about Gaspari changing the formula for Halo and I have also heard Pro-magnon is not getting the size gains halo is.

    What results are people experiencing from the new batch of Halo??
    What is the reccommendation of Halo vs Pro-mag?
    Yes I did search and all the results are from 2005 or early 06.

  2. From my understanding the first halo batch was contaminated with DMT, (phera phlex). No one knows how much of a contamination, just that a washington post article claimed there was a form of oral turinbol and DMT in it. The new batches from my understanding most likely dont have DMT. I wouldnt buy pro magnon. I just dont trust it i guess, no particular reason.

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