Potentially New to AS & Maybe a Combo of AS & PH

  1. Potentially New to AS & Maybe a Combo of AS & PH

    I posted previously, and recently, about having just received a scrip for test. I asked if the 200 mg/every 2 weeks would be sufficient for anabolic results. I was advised in no uncertain terms it would essentially do nothing in that regard.

    I have access to "aftermarket" test, but also have some Pro Hormones in my possession, and am considering two options: First, I may go get more test and do my first cycle of actual AS; or second; I may try to supplement the test with the PHs.

    I have the following question and, as always, very much appreciate Y'alls help:

    1. If I take the prohormones, Noraderm and/or 4Aderm, will it make any positive (or negative for that matter) difference if I go ahead and take the 200 mg of test? That is, will the test help or hinder my anabolic gains. If you have anything tangential or ancillary to add in response to this specific query, please do.

    2. Will Nolvadex be necessary for during a cycle of test, in addition to Clomid, for after the cycle?

    Thanks very much.

  2. For what its worth, assume that your prescribed 200mg of testosterone is enough to bring you back to a normal level. With that being the case, I would recommend the normal dosage of whatever you decide to use. Whatever you use will supress your testosterone levels more than they already are, so IMO, use the nolva or clomid post cycle to get you back to your already crappy, for lack of a better term, base line, then resume use of the 200mg test. Id like to hear some other opinions on this, as this is the first time I have come across this question. Anyone else?

  3. Thanks very much for your reply. Let me give a little more info: I'm 34. My test is actually in the normal range, although the low normal range. It's in the mid 300s I believe. The test was prescribed for "energy issues." I don't plan to be on indefinitely. I am highly considering stacking with some 4ad. I have never done any AS or PH before.

    Thanks for your time.

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