need for speed

  1. need for speed

    I have a buddy who is a track athlete and is looking for something to give him a little more explosion of power when he runs... anything good out there to gain speed?

  2. If he's a competitor I would just steer him to a running type of forum instead of supps that may get him into trouble

    Sort of a broad question with nothing on his level of training, age, diet, exercise etc. Can't offer anything legal without knowing some basics.

  3. Age is a huge consideration but i'll assume he's 22 since you are posting in the ANABOLICS section.

    If he is old enough, Prostanozol (Mega-ZOL) may be something to look into. It is pretty much unmethylated winstrol. It doesn't give huge lean body mass gains but it helps lose fat and increase endurance/strength

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