Critique and advise please. ( 2nd SD cycle )

  1. Critique and advise please. (2nd SD cycle) Dr. D . Anybody ??

    Ok, I have one superdrol cycle under my belt, and Yes, I went into it with very little knowledge about it.. But alot of you on here helped me through it.. And I thank you.. Since I finished it up and my post cycle therapy, I have managed to maintain about a 10lb gain in weight, and my strength is still up alot.. On my first cycle, I got itchy and sore nips at the very end. I started my Nova and retain and kept on the milk thistle.. Seems all cleared up. Sex drive is going fine and all my energy is back to normal... I learned a few things from my last cycle, such as .. I need to be better prepared before I take off.. and alittle stronger on my post cycle therapy..

    One question I have since I got what I thought was Gyno is.. Should I maybe take 10mg or maybe 5mg a day or maybe every other day of nolva through my cycle to help keep the gyno away, or what do you think ?
    I have seen a cycle where someone else did that because they were prone to gyno..

    Also, I was told to eat whatever it was that I could since I have always been able to eat wheatever and not gain any weight.. Well, I did that, and I got some cheese on my obliques..
    When I posted up that I got the cottage cheese, I was told to clean up my diet..
    I have done so, and will know better this time around.. However, I still have the fat..
    (( I don't like it )) So this time around I will be eating alot cleaner..
    Plus, I got blood work done , and all was in pretty good shape .. I do need to bring my cholesterol down a tad bit..

    So here is what my plan looks like.. Please tell me what you think... (( I do appreicate any and all help... ))

    2 weeks before cycle, I will be taking

    Whey protein
    Milk thistle
    Celery seed
    Hawthorn berry
    and fish oil

    I will continue that during my superdrol cycle

    My superdrol cycle will be 10/20/20

    Plus I will be adding the Nolva at either 5 or 10mg a day or every other day .. If you all agree that I should venture this way to protect from the gyno..

    post cycle therapy will be....

    Nolva and all the mentioned above RYR, Milk thistle etc....
    Plus I have clomid on hand to..

    Please look this over and let me know what you think.. I have read several threads on what everyone else is doing, and I continue to read each day.. This is my own attempt at putting something together from the advise I have gathered from here..

    Post away please...

    And thank you for your help...
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  2. Anyone ??

  3. Just looking for some help guys ....
  4. Re: Critique and advise please. ( 2nd SD cycle ) Dr D. Anybody ??

    Ok, ... Has no one heard of anyone running Nolva during a SD cycle ? Is that why I cannot get a response ??

    Is this to dumb of a question to be asking ???? I have searched and only found a couple of post where someone has attempted to do this..

  5. lol...I think it's because your posts are so crazy..But yes, if you are gyno prone running Novla during cycle is a fairly common practice

  6. Wow, Never heard that one before... Wife tells me I am crazy.. Guess this just proves it..

    Thank you for your reply... I was hoping someone credible would reply, And they did...


    Oh yeah.. Why is my post crazy ? Whats crazy about it ?

  7. I think it's all the brackets and sentence fragments that make it a little frantic looking

  8. Yeah, My Grammer has never been one of my strong point...
    My wife even tells me this...


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