question on timing of dosage of t1pro

  1. question on timing of dosage of t1pro

    Hey how ya doing,
    I just got my order in the mail. The thing is this...I understand everyone says one dosage in the morning and one at night...something like 12 hours apart. Well since I am a construction worker I would have to apply at around 430 in the 12 hours later would be around 430 in the afternoon.
    This shouldn't make a difference?? Just checking it is kinda hard for me to apply while at work if you get my drift. Don't have the time to sit and wait for it to absorb because I am a laborer...constantly running.
    Thanks for any feedback in advance.


  2. I think the idea is just try to apply as close to 12 hours apart as possible....


  3. i did it somewhere around 13-15 hrs too
    you wont turn into a pumpkin if you miss the 12 hr suggested dosing

  4. Well guys thanks for the speedy reply I greatly appreciate it.
    Well can't wiat for tomorrow!....I will keep all of you guys posted...
    Thanks again

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