T-3 and Cramps

  1. hotsauce
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    T-3 and Cramps

    Team Anabolic,

    Anyone ever experience leg cramps while running T-3? I'm running it right now at 50 mcg and my damn legs are cramping big time. I mean the kind of cramping like when you have the flu, you know that dull throbbing pain......it "seems" to be specific to ham region.

    Thanks in advance, you guys rock!!!


  2. Are you running clen with it? Clen can cause cramps for sure, but i have never gotten any from strictly running T3.

    Buy some taurine and take a couple grams of taurine a day, that will help immensely.

  3. hotsauce
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    Thanks for the info Mac, I'll definatley try it!! I'm not running clen but I was about to until I read your post!!!! I can't imagine anything worse than what I'm feeling with just T-3.

    Thanks again!!


  4. damn bro - T3 solo? are you severely overweight?

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