"H" dose adjustments??

  1. H-50 (H-Max) dose adjustments??

    Question guys....

    With superdrol, PP, and the like, there is a dosing range of 2-3, sometimes even 4 caps daily for most people.

    Halodrol, on the other hand, appears to have a more "strict" dosing scheme of 50mg daily.
    I know there is an increased dose on H thread, but I didnt get the answers I was looking for.
    My thinking is, if Im not getting any weight increases after say, week 1, (and I plan on under a 30 day cycle) is there anything wrong (beside the usuals) with upping the dose to 75mgs daily? Im using Zol along side it.
    The other end of my question is should I up the dose some on the H, or keep it the same, cut the Zol and substatue in some MAX LMG, PP, or TRN, (which I'd like not to do this time around), TST, ....
    In other words, if upping the dose of H is a No No, and Im not expirencing any gains despite increased calorie uptake, should I just change what Im stacking with? Keep in mind that some of these (MAX, LMG...) seem to take 3 weeks to fully kick in, and if Im tring to keep it a fairly shrt cycle,.. thus/and avoid ERGO-like shutdown.

    Sugestions???, comments?
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  2. I started at the one 50mg a day dose and kept it right there the whole cycle and my strength just kept getting better every week ..I would say for strength gains this stuff was Phenomenal !! I did run 300 mgs of Mega-Zol with this also and had excellent definition only 6lbs gained ..But man this stuff is for real.. Did not want to get off at the end ..

  3. 6 pounds!!
    I thought H-50 was more "hardecore" then that?
    Of course, results could vary if your a vet.

    HOw long did you run it for?
    What was each week like?

  4. I ran it for 30 days exactly .. I think running the Zol with it kept the pounds down but this was a real clean diet this cycle ...probably the best one this year for me .. but it made my muscles more pronounced .. Like I said the strength just kept getting better and better... my shoulders ,triceps and biceps looked great .. just in time for summer .. never really have gotten the vascular look to my body .but this time they were popping out all over ..guys I train with all the time asked what in the hell are you on.. On the downside I started playing softball and everytime I get up to bat the other team chants .Balco ...Balco ....just jealous I guess..

  5. Sorry to sound like I havent done my research or anything, but Why would taking Zol keep the poundage low that you gained while on? That would imply that you would have gained more using H alone...?

  6. It was more body recompostion , with the clean diet this time , was not expecting to do much in adding pounds ..Was looking to keep what I had and get more definition .. Definatley harder to do this , than bulking .. the extra 6 lbs was a bonus..did not expect it..

  7. Halodrol is not a great massbuilder, as OT is not one either, but with running zol with it, you def increased the hardness the Halo will give you. Gaspari never really marketed it as a "mass builder" hence the name Halodrol, as halotestin is used precontest for strength and hardness.

  8. Well, I got the answer to my question last night about increasing the dossage- In my case, It looks like that would be the best idea.
    I received this email last night (It may be old news by now)

    Dear valued customer:

    We recently paid to get an independent test run on the Atomic-H and
    received the results back today. Good news is it's most definitely
    Halo...but bad news is it was underdosed...WAY UNDERDOSED! Each capsule
    which is supposed to be 25 mg is only 6.71 mg!!!

    I've been on the phone all day long trying to find out what happened
    how the ball was dropped. Unfortunately this came to no avail and only
    found the buck being passed from one hand to the other. I was shocked
    when one of the responses I received was to just ignore it and not to
    worry about it!

    The only conclusion I can come up with is the error (whether accidental
    or intentional) rests either with the supplier or the manufacturer who
    bottled and capped it.

    To all our customers who purchased the Atomic-H, my sincerest apologies
    to you. A full refund has been applied back to your card and will post
    to your card within 2-3 business days.

    Needless to say this mistake will cost thousands of dollars but I have
    moral responsibility to my customers who have put their trust in me and
    my company. It's not just about making a buck...it's about making a

    Again my deepest apologies.

    Sam Hong

    So- apparently that explains my asking about increasing dosage on H.


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