Anybody completed a 4ADcyp cycle?

  1. Anybody completed a 4ADcyp cycle?

    Just wondering if any of the bros that have been injecting 4ad cyp. have finished a cycle yet. Any results?

  2. Has it even been out that long? I'd assume you'd have to run it for 8-10 weeks as the cyp ester wouldn't allow product to kick in for three weeks or so, correct?

  3. Check this out sounds like it dosen't work. If you want to do it stick to regular 4-AD and stick yourself everyday.****92654

  4. I just did my fourth injection this morning. No extremely noticeable gains yet.I have gained about 3 pounds. Probably just some water weight. I will keep you posted since I am only two weeks in on a 10 week cycle.

  5. hey blinky keep me posted on your cycle if you dont mind via pm I will do the same anyone reading this who is pinnin 4ad we should try to keep in touch and see what is going on as far as dosages and effectiveness

  6. my cycle

    im doin 330 mgs of 4ad with 150 mgs tren every other day. im on day 11 , started last monday. today is my 6th shot. so far about 6-7 lbs , no sides yet .. the shots dont hurt goin in 25g 1.5 inch glute shots.. but they hurt a few hours later and lasts a day or two.. must be the 4ad cause tren never bothereed me..

  7. Yep it is definately the 4AD, because I have used tren before and it never did that. I am experiencing the effects you described right now and I am just doing 4AD. I upped my dosage to a gram a week. I just couldn't get anything out of doing 750mg/week.
  8. a little better

    hey blinky ..not sure if im gettng used to it or what but ive been warming up the 4ad /tren mix beforehand and it doesnt seem to hurt as much later on .. nah i just felt it its the same lol , im just getting used to it lol.. hey are u doin 4ad only??

  9. Yeah I am doing just 4AD. Thought it would be similar to a test only cycle. I am gonna either mix up some test prop/tren or 4AD/tren for my next go round. Keep me posted on how you are doing.

  10. ok today is day 14 seems to be going good no tren dick lol .. so 4ad is at least doing that .. lol hey anyone try 19diol cyp was htinking about adding that too ..


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