SD, Cissus and Bursitis??

  1. Question SD, Cissus and Bursitis??

    I started a low dose SD cycle (10 mg/day) 5 days ago, and well as started Cissus 10 days ago. I woke up a couple days ago with symptoms of a bursitis flare up. The pain has gradually gotten worse over the past few days. I lift Mon. thru Thurs. work a physical job (construction), and play baseball about 4 days a week (injury to non throwing arm). I lift relatively heavy, but smart as to not have this sort of problem. I was wondering if this is common/possible with SD or cissus or a coincidence?

  2. I lift Mon. thru Thurs. work a physical job (construction), and play baseball about 4 days a week
    God maybe this is your body telling you to take it easy. My workout partner is like you, can never slow down, plays hockey all winter, 3 - 4 times a week, and works out like a demon. Sooner or later he just got tired, sore hips and shoulders.

    Cissus should help though from what I've read about it, trying it myself.

  3. What dose of Cissus are you taking? I've been doing 8 a day for 2.5 wks and my elbow (bursitis type problem) is 99% now. It's been killing me for 8-10 months. I don't think SD would cause anything like this except you may be lifting heavier then normal. I would back off the heavy weights and do more theraputic work for the arm.

  4. Thanks for the responses guys. I do tend to overdo it a bit and when these problems arise I do take time off from lifting. The reason I was thinking about SD or Cissus(usplabs 5-6 caps/day) triggering a flare up is because when i began the SD and Cissus I didn't start lifting heavier or anything, and i had been doing really well pacing myself by not overtraining. I thought someone might have experienced a similar reaction to these compounds. If not I'll continue my treatment with ice and rest.

  5. I would up the dose of Cissus until the pain subsides. Takes about 9or10 days to start working so give it some time. From my experience and everyone else's I've read 8 seems to be a sweet spot. Since my pain is gone I've gone to 4 a day for maintenance (and economy). If I start getting any pain again I'm going back to 8+. Cissus is a solid product, I know I'm sold.



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