4Aderm & Noraderm Dosing Questions. Please Help.

  1. 4Aderm & Noraderm Dosing Questions. Please Help.

    I have 2 bottles of 4 Aderm and 2 bottles of Noraderm. I researched this a ****load a long time ago, but have been sitting on the pro hormones for months now. I think I'm getting ready to go. Here are my questions:

    1. My understanding is I will apply twice a day. Is this correct?

    2. If I'm applying twice a day, how many squirts of each do I take?
    (please tell me what the squirts are equivalent to. For example 4 squirts is 200 mgs etc).

    3. For those of you who are giving me dosing suggestions, if I follow your dosing advice, how many weeks will my two bottles last me?

    Thanks very much.

  2. The 4Aderm bottle is 1.5 squirts/ml, with 50mg of 4-AD per ml.

    So thats .66ml/squirt, which comes out to 33.33mg of 4AD/squirt.

    I can't give you accurate information on dosing though...I hope the helped a little though

  3. getting old -- depends on your goals (on the dozage)
    im currently running a 4-diol & NorAderm cycle.
    ill be happy to try and answer any questions

    1. yes 2 times a day hopefully 12hours apart

    I'm running T-4 and NorAderm for 30days, at 600mg 19nor & 400mg 4-diol
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  4. LMAO............Guess you have posted this on several boards!

  5. I just did 500 and 500 and gained 15lbs.. Mostly water though... If you want a little better absorption add 24mls of DMSO to each bottle you use. Talk to ya...
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  6. Where do you get the DMSO?

  7. www.lemelange.com bodybuilding supplies
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  8. Is that the only product you get there? I can't tell how much to get. The bottles have prices but no quantity information or any other information????


  9. I get nothing from there. I live in Canada.. Talk to ya..

    But they are good for you yankee's.. hehehe
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  10. Thanks Curt. I appreciate the help. What do I do, just pour the DMSO in the PH bottle and shake it up - - done deal?

    By the way, I went to Carleton University in Ottawa and lived in Ottawa for 10 years. I love Canada. Y'all shoulda been with us in the Gulf though.

  11. Yep just dump it in and shake... Yeh our gov't sucks... Sorry.. Talk to ya
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  12. also if i add 12g-15g of 4ad to 8oz of t-gel, how would i administer the squirts? theres nothing included with the bottle!

    maybe a teaspoon?


  13. 1tsp= 5ml

    Might be abit much..

  14. i searched over anabolicminds and bodybuildings forums and could not find any info about measuring "squirts" from the t-gel bottle. nobody else has asked this question!? is it painfully obvious and im just stupid? please help!!!

  15. The T-Gel pumps allow 2ml per pump.. Don't thank me, this is what I do!

  16. The answers are here on AM and any of the stores selling BDC Products (legal gear, powernutrition, gaining mass, etc.). However, since you said you researched here's a freebie...........

    1 squirt of BDC's products equals 2 ml. If you don't trust it, you can count pumps as you squirt into a 10 ml graduated cylinder, 10 ml graduated syringe, etc. (1 squirt = 10 ml/# of pumps counted).


  17. haha tod and pete, i know how much is in a squirt...

    i want to know how to get a freakin squirt!!! theres just a bottle with a twist top. wtf am i supposed to squirt with?

  18. Ahh, you don't have a squirt head... I get it now..

    1/2 a teaspoon is 2.5ml...

  19. so taking half a teaspoon, and rubbing it in two times a day is ideal for my t-gel w/12-14g of 4ad in it correct?

    EDIT: actually thats gonna be to hard to do, its so thick. i think ill go to the pharmacy and get a plastic syringe.

  20. target didnt sell any, but they have them behind the counter. they said i could only have one with a baby prescription. they said try eckert...

    this is crap, i want a damn dropper!!!


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