First Time with Testosterone & Questions

  1. First Time with Testosterone & Questions

    Hi All. I have posted many times in the PH room as I was researching and contemplating using PHs. Without getting into things, I have a prescription from my doctor for, I think, 200 mg of testosterone, to be taken every two weeks. I'm not sure what kind of testosterone it is, but I can post that later. I have the following questions and greatly appreciate Y'alls assistance:

    1. Will this dosage be enough for an anabolic effect;

    2. Will this be anabolic when used only every two weeks.

    3. If not, how much would I need to take to get an anabolic affect;

    4. I have some pro hormones. Can I mix noraderm & 4aderm with the test? If so, how much should I add?


  2. 1. It depends on the person. Some people gain well off litttle amounts of gear, some need a little more.
    2.It depends on the type of gear. If it is a long ester like Enth or Cyp it will be in your system for a couple weeks. But these need to be taken 2 a week for even levels.
    3. I personaly would recomend 400mg-500mg/week for a test such as Enth or Cyp.
    4. Im not that good with PHs. Sorry



  3. Okay got something I know alittle about..
    1. in most cases, mine included, you won't get really any effect from 200 mg every 2 weeks.. main reason being that you are trying to get your test levels back to normal and this will "eat up" some of the free test in your blood stream from the injection.
    2. In most cases if they use depot, the test cyp will not do much.. see above.
    3. In most cases, I stress most cases, you would have to bump this up to at least 400 mg/week to see something. Most recommentions are 500 mg/wk on test cyp and test enth..
    4. Don't know enough about these to be able to tell you, sorry

  4. Also, keep in mind that PH supplementation will throw off your routine blood work. Your doc will read the tests and either cut your dose or discontinue completely.

  5. For Chemo et. al

    I don't have a follow-up appt. with the doc for 3 months. I'm not even sure if she is going to test for my test levels. I'm not actually on replacement therapy. It's prescribed for "energy deficiency."

    What do Y'all think?

  6. Hmmm sounds good to me. I wish I had a script for "energy"




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