best anabolics after ban

  1. Question best anabolics after ban

    wwhat up i am nu 2 this community, been back at workn out for a few months after 2 months break i what to know what are the best replacement for 1ad and other prohormoness.. i mean what really works, i have been readn on this site about superdrol, haldrol sp?, methly 1p legal gear, i could go on forever does any one have any ideas?

  2. yes read the logs and other information then you make the decision..

  3. Before researching the anabolics I would first research the information here on diets and training to make sure they are dialed in. Once your head is bursting with this information and you're sure all that is in order I would then start looking into that only after I knew i did all I could to get where I needed to be natural. This is my opinion based off my own experiences of not going this route and regretting it later. Fortunately, I listened to people here in time to correct the damage I had done to myself.

    Learn about cycles, PCT, organ health(liver, heart etc), Learn your family history and personal tendancies to things like blood pressure before even thinking about taking some of this stuff.

    This is all information that was passed on to me so it's my turn to return the favor.

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