a question with dosing dermabolics 4 derm transdermal in the place of methly 4ad

  1. a question with dosing dermabolics 4 derm transdermal in the place of methly 4ad

    this is my cycle that I have set, however it is set with legal gear methyl 4-ad but now I cant get it, I can get dermabolics transdermal 4-ad in place of it. So here is my cycle first that I have set in place with the legal gear mythl 4-ad, but obviously the problem is not I cant get it. I have been lifting hard for four years. 22 yrs old 5' 11" 193lbs

    1gram milk thistle for two weeks prior to cycle start
    200mg m4-ad loading a day for one week before cycle starts to help with lethargy and lowered libido once I start taking the 1-ad

    Week 1: 200mg 1-ad 200mg m4-ad
    Week 2: 300 mg 1-ad 300mg m4-ad
    Week 3: 400 mg 1-ad 300mg m4-ad
    Week 4: 500 mg 1-ad 300mg m4-ad
    Week 5: 600 mg 1-ad 400mg m4-ad
    Week 6: 600 mg 1-ad 400mg m4-ad

    Day 1-10 75 mg Rebound XT
    Day11-20 50 mg Rebound XT
    Day 24-30 25 mg Rebound XT

    Week 7: 40 mg Nolva, 1gram milk thistle, 5grams trib
    Week 8: 20 mg Nolva, 1gram milk thistle, 4 grams trib
    Week 9: 20 mg Nolva, 1 gram milk thistle 4 grams trib
    Week 10: 10 mg Nolva, 1 gram milk thistle, 3 grams trib

    So here is my question, I got some great advice from some guys on here about the methyl 4-ad for a first timer and that I shouldnt go over 400mg a day whcih is what I have set up. But the dermabolics transdermal 4-ad is just regular 4-ad, can anyone just let me know how many mg of the dermabolics transdermal 4-ad would be good to match up with each week of my 1-ad that I have set up and how many squirts it would be.

    Also with the transdermal I know the best places to spray are on the tops of the feet, behind the ears, on the back and on the inside of the legs, and the chest. Should I switch up where I spray it utilizing all of these places? Let me know, Thanks

  2. Strangely enough the same amounts work good. Starting at 100 mg twice a day and ending at 200 mg twice a day is how I used to run this cycle. You may not get very much out of the 6th week. Your body will thank you for not using methyl.

    I never switched spots much with 4AD, never noticed a problem. You may need acne supps like b-5 and Guggulbolic Extreme.

  3. thanks, do you think two bottles of the dermabolics 4 derm trandermal will cover this whole cycle, its 50 mg a squirt right?, the bottles are 4oz. a piece

    also I upped your rep, alright thanks man, let me know

  4. It is more like 40mg a squirt and not very accurate. I started using a little plastic syringe I got with another product. You can buy a baby dropper at the store with ml markings if want accuracy. I think it a little easy to put on this way too, but spraying works.

    At 200mg (5 squirts) there are 30 doses or 15 days a bottle. 30 days for two bottles. You start at 0 if you want. You use it only in morning if you working out in morning at first. This also will delay the suppression of your natural testosterone output which occurs mostly when you sleep. You need save some at first with lower doses so you can make 5 weeks ( or a lot if you want make 6 weeks).

    1-AD should be taken with lots of protein and a little fat. The fat is for better absorption and only takes a small amount. Drink plenty of water or it may start burning when you piss.

    Your rebound taper in your PCT is the reverse of the way it should be and some people are stopping at 50 mg max since it will kill libido above 50 mg.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by gettin' big
    also I upped your rep, alright thanks man, let me know
    Actually you got it backward and you neg rep me, but I don't really care it is the thought that counts.



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