Longer Mag 10 cycle users

  1. Longer Mag 10 cycle users

    Have any of you guys used Mag 10 longer than the recommended 2 week cycle? If so what were your results?

  2. no of one person from my gym who have ran a month mag10. he was actually a VERY novice bodybuilder so not the best example however, other than the BIG hole in his wallet, he said he gained more after the initial 2 weeks. Still wondering why people consider such products like biotest's mag10 when there are more cost efficient (and in most cases, better result) in transdermals. Sage

  3. Bump for Benz, he knows about this. I would not use it for 2, 4 or 8 weeks personally.

  4. I'm going to use 1Fast's 1,4 Andro and Cyclo 1T. I work at a Vitamin Shoppe in IL and people come in buying 3 maybe 4 bottles at a time. Its too expensive for just a 2 week cycle in my opinion.
    Just wanted your thoughts bros..

  5. any results from this ****?

  6. Don't know yet. I'm prep'ing for a move to Colorado. Once I get there and get started..I'll let you know.

  7. i've tried it but only because my friend works for biotest (only two weeks though, sorry). i wouldn't even want to do that stuff for more than two weeks though. it might be the worst crap i have ever tasted.

  8. Benz is the only person I ever saw that thought Mag 10 was great. However, he used it double the regular dosage which is 4 bottles for a month. Way too expensive for most people.

  9. Oh well..I'll stick to Mike's products.

    Thanx anyways fellas

  10. when i heard VS i knew it had to be you... it's lar man..

  11. Whats up COOL CAT!! I just got off work not too long ago. I put in some OT.

  12. By the way...Who is the girl! Hook a brotha up!!

  13. thats the g/f, u met the one (remember before i got hired u were telling her about the gingko), but that's the other one i'm seeing that i told u about... btw i called michelle for ya the other day and she wasn't home... i feel funny calling since i haven't talked to her in like 2-3 years or so... But i'll give it a go.

  14. Nice!! I remember her hair being dark though.

    PM me dude..I don't wanna burn up this thread with other subjects.

  15. I know this is an old thread but I happened to find it when searching. On the tmag site they claim that there is no chance for gyno but it contains 4ad and this has been known to cause gyno. Takin it for 4weeks 2doses a day would there be any need for nolva? They don't state the exact amounts of 4ad but one dose is 300mgs of "Mag-10 formula" so 2 doses would be 600mgs of a 4ad/1test mix.

  16. Originally posted by champster
    I'm going to use 1Fast's 1,4 Andro and Cyclo 1T. I work at a Vitamin Shoppe in IL and people come in buying 3 maybe 4 bottles at a time. Its too expensive for just a 2 week cycle in my opinion.
    Just wanted your thoughts bros..
    Do the world a solid and post your results for us in my Cyclo-1Test thread. Thanks.

  17. Bump for Benz as well. He loves Mag-10.

  18. I used MAG-10 and was extremely pleased. Most who slam it have not used it. Biotest is unpopular due to excess hype, but they make several outstanding products. I used max dose; 2 x day; 2 bottles in 2 weeks. Excellent gains in strength and size. In 2 weeks, I gained 15 lbs; retained exactly half of that after a cutting cycle. Strength shot through the roof. In my case transdermals are only marginally better.

    I have 2 friends who also used this; (one went through 4 bottles) claimed it was a
    waste of money. He maintains a consistent 7% bf—so he may not have been taking in enough carbs. Yet one of the guys who frequents the local MaxMuscle is an ex-steroid user, very large, impressive guy, about 240 lbs @ 10% bf. Claims Mag-10 is the only thing that even remotely compares to what he felt on real gear. None of us experienced any adverse reactions. It seems odd that a product can be this inconsistent in its effects. Probably much of this has to do with diet.

    And Dio, I can point out many, many satisfied Mag-10 users at bb.com alone.


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