fake or real cypionate

  1. fake or real cypionate

    okay i just recently got a 10 ml vial of cypionate it is 200 mg/ml. it came in a small box. the box is identical to the label one the vial. The expo. dates match and everything. On the box and vial the there is a kangeroo ( sorry if i miss spelled that ) and it says testosterona 200 it says made in australia. the vail is really full. but the liquid in side is clearish. it is not as clear as water but close to it and it is kind of thick. Can anyone determine whether this is fake or real? If there is anything else that will help determine just ask i would be happy to answer.

  2. i was going over the bottle and i rubbed the expo date on the bottle and box and noticed it was some what easy to rub off.

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